Empowering Impact through Digital Solutions

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, standing out with authenticity and purpose is no small feat. We believe that every purpose-driven brand deserves a digital presence that is as compelling and impactful as its mission. We are not just a web design agency; we are your partners in weaving narratives that resonate, engage, and inspire action. Our focus? Empowering brands and businesses that are set on making positive changes in the world, ensuring that their digital footprint is nothing short of exceptional.

Our Story

Driven by a profound desire to make a tangible impact, our journey began not with placards, but with passion and purpose. While we may not marching the front lines of protests, our commitment to addressing climate change is unwavering.

We chose to harness our expertise in a unique way: by amplifying the voices of those dedicated to doing good in the world. We stand by those making a difference, using our skills to ensure their message is heard loud and clear.

Loved by our customers

5-star reviews from happy business owners who are helping people and planet

"An absolute star! Craig has been instrumental to our websites developments, big and small. I really appreciate his thoroughness in research and creative problem solving skills. He has also done a wonderful job in making backend elements to the website accessible so that I may sustainably upkeep the website myself. Can't recommend him enough! ⭐"

Hind Al Khatrash

Owner, Leap Loves Green

"Our new website looks fantastic - we’re so happy with it. Throughout he was really flexible, and brought our vision for the website to reality."

Becky Harrison Pastow

Owner, SOMA

"Wonderful service, fast response. Love our new website which is very professional."

Jeanette Martin

Owner, Martin Accountancy

"Can thoroughly recommend Craig, 100%. He listens to your objectives and goes above and beyond to ensure they are met. Will continue to work with him on any future projects and have personally recommended him to people I know."

Hayley Jones

Owner, Moon Phase Studios

"Craig built my new website in Webflow which has a much easier to use and fast way of adding new pages. It now takes me 5 mins which is amazing. The design and layout of the website was just what I wanted and Craig's advice and knowledge has been spot on from the start."

Will Howson

Owner, WGF Instruments

"Craig designed and built our website to a high standard.  The Website is performing exceptionally well on search results within a short amount of time. Plus Craigs after care service and advice is 10/10."

Scott Rathbone

Co Founder, Medtek

Our Process

Navigating the digital realm requires a mix of artistry, precision, and strategy, especially for brands committed to making a difference. Our approach is tailored to ensure that your purpose-driven mission shines brightly at every digital touchpoint.


Our journey begins by understanding your unique mission and vision. We dive deep into your goals and target audience to craft a roadmap that aligns with your brand's larger purpose.


Content is the heart of any digital presence. Our team collaborates with you to ensure that your message is articulated clearly, compellingly, and in a way that resonates deeply with your audience.


A purposeful mission deserves a captivating design. Our creatives merge aesthetics with function, ensuring your brand's essence is translated visually in the most engaging manner.


With a design in hand, our developers bring your digital vision to life. Employing the latest techniques, we guarantee a seamless and responsive experience for every user, on every device.


The culmination of our collaboration sees your brand taking a powerful leap into the digital world. We ensure a smooth launch, and even beyond, we're here to support, adapt, and evolve with you as your mission grows and changes.

We recognize the importance of treading lightly on our planet. That's why we've chosen to work with Ecologi, a leader in environmental action. Through our association with them, we offset our carbon footprint by investing in global reforestation projects and other sustainable initiatives. It's our way of ensuring that as we help brands amplify their digital presence, we're also doing our part to care for the environment.

Our Values


We firmly believe in creating a sustainable digital future. We understand the critical role that businesses play in maintaining our planet's health.

That's why we go beyond creating attractive, functional websites to ensure that they are also designed and hosted in an eco-conscious manner.

Sustainability isn’t just a value; it’s an integral part of our DNA.

Helping People Do Good

Our mission is to empower organisations that aim to make a positive difference.

We thrive on helping others succeed and take pride in providing digital solutions that amplify the impact of good work.

Whether you’re a non-profit, selling eco products, or simply a brand that believes in doing good, we're here to boost your online presence and support your noble cause.

Growth & Learning

We're more than just web designers at Craig Thomas Online; we're lifelong learners.

Our passion for growth extends to our clients. Each project is a learning journey where we draw inspiration from the innovative solutions our clients provide to make the world a better place.

We grow as we help your business grow.

Ready to Amplify Your Impact?

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