I build websites that  attract more customers for your business.

Hi, I'm Craig Thomas from Shropshire, UK. I'm a UI/UX designer . This means I design websites that work for your business to generate you more leads.

What I've been up to

Having spent the last eight years building stand-out websites for a broad range of companies and industries, I know what it takes to help you make sure your business is visible online.  

I’m passionate about helping people to realise and unlock the true potential of their business, and understand how much they can achieve by creating a website that ranks highly in searches and attracts more online enquiries.

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horse champion

A little bit about me

I live in the countryside Bridgnorth and can usually be found hiking and biking around the Shropshire hills. Photography is a big passion of mine, so I always take my trusty camera along on these adventures!

Most of my free time is spent with my daughter and her pony (Harry the champ)traveling to pony clubs, show jumping events and dressage events.

At work, I love to build stand-out websites that work, helping business owners succeed by building an effective online presence and super-charging their SEO.

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